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Greg Tatman offers wonderful drift, pram and rowboat kits. Their kits are available in a variety of excellent wood grain finishes: fir, Meranti plywood (a high-quality, mahogany-like plywood) or Sepelle plywood (which has a tighter grain and a richer, darker color). These wood options produce great looking, exceptional quality boats for the money. For example you can build a super quality 12' or 14' rowboat for about $820!

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They also offer a rowboat kit, in 12', 14' or 16' lengths. It is the classic rowboat- styled vessel, however it gets its propulsion from oars, unlike the drift boat that uses a flowing river as its primary source of propulsion.

The drift boat is a “banana shaped”, wide-bottom vessel from 12' to 17½' long, with a 54" beam. According to the kit manufacturer, its hull design gives it superior holding and tracking ability.

The third boat kit offered is a pram. According to this kit manufacturer, “the 12' pram is probably the best all-around river fishing boat in our line. It has fairly high sides and a square bow to give it better flotation and carrying capacity”.

Options and accessories include oars, oar seats, passenger seats, floor boards, anchoring systems, bottom protection, trailers, storage compartments, boat covers and transom seats.

Greg Tatman Wooden Boats, Inc. is located in Springfield, Oregon.

The pictures above are just a sample of the products offered - visit their website to see more products - the link is at the bottom of the page.

Drift boat kits start at $835 plus shipping. The rowboat kits start at $745 plus shipping and the pram starts at $835 plus shipping. Contact the kit manufacturer for shipping estimates depending on size and type of kit you prefer.

Note: Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

Availability: Check with the kit manufacturer

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Tools Required: General or common carpenter and household tools including handsaw, paint scraper, metal file, caulking gun, hand plane, straight edge, framing square, and four end c-clamps.
Skills Needed: Medium level wood working/carpenter skills.
Areas of Difficulty: Roughing out the bottom plywood panels requires ability to control a saw while cutting along a long curve. Also, cutting and fitting long wooden pieces. A router may be recommended to assist in the building process.
Estimated Time: About 60 hours with finishing time somewhere between 30 and 50 hours depending on choice of paint, etc.
Finishing Required: Sanding, staining, varnishing, and decorating.

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Carriers: UPS or common carrier truck lines
Express Shipping: Available in some instances
Weight & Size Factors: Some pieces due to size may need to be shipped common carrier
Shipping Point(s): Springfield, Oregon
Overseas/International Shipping: International shipping is available. Check with kit manufacturer for details

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa / MasterCard
Personal Checks: Yes
Money Orders: Yes
C.O.D.: No

Check with the kit manufacturer.

Personal Kontact: Call kit manufacturer.
Phone: Regular number is listed at their website


$35 Dollars and 00/00

Note: If you order via the telephone be sure to tell the kit manufacturer that you kame through KitGuy to get your money-saving KitGuy Koupon.  Also, remember in order to receive a koupon from KitGuy,  you must purchase a complete boat kit from Greg Tatman Wooden Boat.  

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