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Adirondack furniture and do-it-yourself kits
Adirondack Furniture Kits
adirondack furniture   adirondack furniture

How adirondack furniture kits can you furnish a room when its' ceiling is the sky.  KitGuy links you to a wide selection of quality-crafted, classic  to enhance your yard, patio, deck, porch and garden.

Amazingly, adirondack furniture kits come in several different styles of  to choose from, including the Fanback and Westport designs. The real beauty of these century-old adirondack furniture designs starts with their classic good looks and ends with how good you feel when lounging in the curved, comforting lines of these masterpieces you easily construct yourself. And picture yourself relaxing in your new adirondack chair, gazing through your binoculars or kapturing the beauty of nature with your new digital camera!

Choose from adult and children's chairs, rockers, footrests, end tables, coffee tables and more. Most kit manufacturers offer their kits in your choice of pine, cypress or rot-resistant cedar. If you want another kind of wood, you can place a special order. The lumber is all ready for easy assembly, painting or sealing. Some wood comes pre-sanded, too.

Many kit manufacturers also offer a variety of other outdoor furnishing and decorating kits, including wishing wells, trellises, picnic tables, swings and more. KitGuy brings you everything under the sun for relaxation and enjoyment of your outdoor living space where your ceiling is the sky!

Kompleteness of Kits/Tools: Some kit manufacturers offer a choice of unassembled or assembled kits. All kits come in unfinished wood; some of it is pre-sanded. Paint, stains and sealers for kits are extra.

Skill: No experience is necessary. One kit maker promises that all you need is a screwdriver and one hour to assemble your adirondack furniture.

Price Range: Prices depend on the piece you're making. A simple footrest starts as low as $24. A love seat goes for $124. Shipping is extra. Get going!

Finishing: All kits come in unfinished wood; some of it is pre-sanded.  Paint, stains and sealers are extra.

All your adirondack furniture tools can be bought online now.

For more information on adirondack furniture, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE KITGUY HOME PAGE and click on "Adirondack Furniture" under KITS on the left side of the page to see Kompleteness of  Kits/Finishing, Tools, Skill, Price Range, Shipping and more.


Oh, by the way, you'll look great in a kool new pair of sunglasses!

KitGuy Kwik Klik: Your new adirondack furniture goes great with some new binoculars and a camera.

KitGuy Kwik Klik: Kould just be your komplete online adirondack paint & supplies department!


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