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If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-assemble and economical cabin, this might just be your ticket. Shelter-Kit makes four different styles of kit buildings. The most economical one is what they call a “Unit One”. A Unit One is a unique cabin because it can be enlarged in any direction, at any time. Standard modules are 12' square and a 9' x 12' porch can be added. Modules can be combined to create an almost infinite number of shapes and sizes. Materials used include fir, spruce and pine.

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Unit Ones are ideal for vacation cabins, ski lodges, studios and guesthouses. Several modules can be combined to make a cozy year-round home. They are also adaptable for commercial uses such as bunkhouses for camps, ski trail shelters, pool cabanas and more.

The Unit One kit contains everything needed to complete a weather-tight shell on your foundation: precut and predrilled lumber, flooring, siding, roofing, trim, nails and screws. Galvanized steel bolts and custom-machined hardware fasten together the key structural components. A standard kit also includes a 12 ft. wide sliding glass door and a 5 ft. x 3 ft. sliding window. The kit includes an illustrated construction manual and all materials are precut to precise dimensions, labeled and packaged in easily identified bundles that two people can carry.

Shelter-Kit Unit Ones have been in production for over 30 years. Shelter-Kit is located in Tilton, New Hampshire.

The pictures above are just a sample of the products offered - visit their website to see more products - the link is at the bottom of the page.

A Unit One is priced at around $7,900. The Unit One with a 9 x 12 front deck is about $9,110

The above prices indicated do not include freight. The kit manufacturer will estimate freight costs depending on your specific location.

Note: Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

Lead-time can vary from six weeks to six months depending on the size of the kit and the time of the year. Generally late spring and early summer are the most popular times to build so production schedules are filled up early and lead-times become longer.

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Tools Required:
Common household and carpenter
Skills Needed:
Medium-level carpenter / mechanical
Areas of Difficulty:
Foundation, roof
Estimated Time:
2 people - 2 days
Finishing Required:
Painting, staining, interior spaces

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Common carrier
Express Shipping:
Weight & Size Factors:
Constitutes common carrier
Shipping Point(s):
Tilton, New Hampshire
Overseas / International Shipping:
Available - Check with kit manufacturer

Deposit and retainer might be required check with the kit manufacturer for complete payment terms and details.

Check with the kit manufacturer.

Hours of Operation:
Normal business hours - Eastern Standard Time
Regular phone number is listed at their web site

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