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According to this manufacturer the “Wilderness Cabin Company makes cabin kits that produce attractive, affordable and easy to build cabins.” This company offers a number of cozy cabins that you can build yourself, quite economically. Due to the great product range of this manufacturer, you can build a cabin ranging from 192 sq.ft. up to 1,611 sq.ft. and just about everything in between. This company specializes in these type of relatively small cottages and that's all they do.

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Standard cabin kits are constructed of cedar siding and metal roofs. They are shell type structures with interior walls. Packages do not include interior finishing such as insulation, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, flooring, painting, etc. You are responsible for the foundation. A popular model is their Lavallee an 899 sq. ft. model that consists of a main floor and an upper level. Even the staircase is prefabricated for it.

These are only available to Canadian and U.S. residents. They have been building cabin kits for about 4 years and are based in British Columbia, Canada

The pictures above are just a sample of the products offered - visit their website to see more products - the link is at the bottom of the page.

Prices for the smallest units start at $5,780 and the 1,611 sq. ft. cabin is $34,500 plus shipping. For example, freight on the Lavallee model kit is approximately $2,400 so for around $21,800 you can have a complete 899 sq. ft. cabin kit delivered to your door.

They do offer financing through a mortgage corporation listed at their web site.
Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

As much as 12 weeks or so, check with kit manufacturer

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Tools Required: Carpenter tools - tape measure, square, skill saw, level, hammer, sledgehammer. Air tools can speed up the assembly process considerably. And, you kan get all your tools online now.
Skills Needed: Medium to high carpenter
Areas of Difficulty:
Foundation, roofing

One of the difficulties in assembly is raising the walls. In some instances some of the larger cabin kits would require either a lot of manpower or better yet a boom truck to be able to lift and place the large walls into place.

Estimated Time: According to the kit manufacturer, a crew of four can assemble the Lavallee in approximately two weeks.
Finishing Required: Kits are also pre-stained in the color of your choice.
Insulation, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, flooring, interior painting and staining is not included.

Note: Kits up to 899 sq. ft. (which is the size of the “Lavallee”model) are precut, assembled-by-number kits. Packages over 899 sq. ft. are material packages and not precut like the smaller units.

Carriers: Common carrier truck lines
Express Shipping: N/A
Weight & Size Factors: Constitutes common carrier

In order to unload the components although you are required to provide a lift-truck or some other means of unloading from the semi-truck that delivers the kit.

Shipping Point(s): British Columbia, Canada
Overseas / International Shipping: Check with kit manufacturer

Orders require a 30% deposit - balance is due for delivery. Check with kit manufacturer for complete details.

"Your company had great customer service. You were the BEST company we worked with in building and finishing our cabin. Thank You!"

"We liked the design, the cabins charm and the fact that it is 2x6 construction. The quality met with our expectations and we would recommend your company to our friends and associates."

“We are thrilled with our Wilderness Cabin Co. Cottage! Our dream "home-away-from-home" was completed on time and on budget exactly the way we had pictured it! The construction is top quality and the folks at "Wilderness" are all "top quality", too. Thanks Glen, Tyler, Chris and Walter, your customer service was excellent!”

Personal Kontact:
Mon to Fri - 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Pacific Time
Toll Free number is listed at their web site


$20 Dollars and 00/00

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Website Navigation Tips:
From their Home page klick on “The Wilderness Cabin Company“ to go to “Our Cabin Plans” to see list of kit models. Be sure to see “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Cabin Financing”.


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