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You can choose from an extensive range of clock kits available from some quite reputable, online kit sources. Most of these clocks are constructed of beautiful hardwoods like oak or cherry. Skill to complete varies from beginner to somewhat advanced since a great variety is offered. One of the most popular kits is a "floor clock" - often called a Grandfather clock.

Most Grandfather clock kits have beautiful woodwork carved bases, crowns and doors. Many kits also include brass hardware such as hinges, polished brass key plates and doorknobs. You can even get optional beveled glass with many models.

The movements, dials, and hands are part of the package in some instances you have a variety of choices. Most clock kits come with everything you need to complete the assembly including glue, sandpaper, etc. Some manufacturers offer  beveled glass.

Take the time to accent your clockwork with a variety of handcrafted accessories!

If you would like to consider a less complicated clock to start, a great selection of other unique clock kits is available:

Desk & Mantel including some with mirrors, chimes, and figures like football players and golfers. Wooden anniversary clocks are listed too.

Wall including Cuckoo, Jeweler, Shaker, Schoolhouse and Regulator models.

Specialty like a combination wall/mirror or wooden gear clock.

And you kan get all your tools for clocks online now.

Kompleteness of Kits: Most clock kits come with everything you need to complete the assembly including glue, sandpaper, etc.  Some kit manufacturers offer heavy-duty and/or beveled glass as an option at an extra cost.

Tools: In most cases, common household tools like a hammer, drill and screwdriver are all you will need. But, in a few instances, you might be required to have special tools like clamps and/or a power sander. And you kan get all your tools online now.

Finishing: Generally, you will provide the brushes or applicators and the stain or paint to finish your clock. And, like clockwork, choose from a variety of mirrors, candles or lamps to keep your clock in the spotlight!

Skill: A medium skill level is all you need to do a clock kit project. But, if you are the least bit skeptical, you can start with a less- detailed kit like a desk, mantel or wall clock.

For more information on clocks, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE KITGUY HOME PAGE and click on "clocks" under KITS on the left side of the page.  There you will see Kompleteness of  Kits/Finishing, Tools, Skill, Price Range, Shipping and more.



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