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An excellent choice for a dinghy or tender is a 10' boat kit that is available with a 48” beam. Displacement is 300 lbs. and she only weighs about 65 lbs. The boat builders package includes all the required woods, epoxy, fiberglass, screws, stem band, varnish, oarlocks and sockets, and is only $1,100. There is another boat that is an 8' model of that same version, 8' long and 48” wide, the displacement is also 300 lbs, but the boat finished only weighs about 50 lbs. This would be excellent for a dinghy and a yacht. This boat is $895.

One skiff kit can either be used as a row boat or equipped one or two sails. Another choice is a “wherry” a classic rowing boat. The wine glass wherry has a wine glass shaped transom (which is the tail end or back end of the boat, perpendicular to the water, typically flat at the back end) with the smooth waterline of a classic rowing boat.

Some even smaller boats are available such as the 7'7” long plywood pram that can be built to be used as either a rowing or sailing pram. This boat sells for $739 but the oars and optional sail are additional. There is a 9' 8 1/2” long sailing pram with a 4' beam and a 16' 11” mast and 54 sq. ft. of sail. The finished weight is only can carry over 500 lbs.

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The drift boat is a specialty kind of boat available is. These boats have kind of a banana shape and are available in sizes that are about 16' to 17 ½' long. They are wide-bottom boats with up to a 54” beam. The 16' model with 48” is the most popular in the marine plywood version the kit is around $950. Close to this drift boat design is a rowboat. A standard 12' rowboat with the fir marine plywood kit is $745.

The difference between a rowboat and a pram is that the pram has fairly high sides and a squared off bow and stern or transom. The pram is a great all around river fishing boat. A 12' pram is a good boat for two people a two-fisherman boat.

More on Boat Kits

Building a boat from a kit is truly a woodworker's dream. The styling of these boats along with the quality of wood used allows you to produce what is almost a piece of fine furniture for the water. Virtually anyone with basic woodworking skills and tools can produce a beautiful and functional watercraft with relative ease. The variety of wooden boats kits available is remarkable: kayaks and canoes; rowboats and skiffs; dinghies, prams, and tenders; drift boats and sail boats.

Many of the boat kits use Okoume a plantation grown African mahogany that appears a honey color in its natural state, but can be stained beautifully to any finish as preferred. One manufacturer offers a special “lap stitch” design that allows novice woodworkers to build beautiful lap strake boats. Some of these boats are also designed so they can be easily be propelled with an electric trolling motor or a small gas-powered outboard.

Besides the great satisfaction of building a wonderful boat the savings over assembled boats can be significant well over 50% $1000 to $2000 in some cases. You can build a real show piece since these boats can be finished with such a variety of special stains, epoxy, varnishes and paints.

Kompleteness of Kits: Kits usually include all of the wooden parts necessary, brass and/or stainless steel hardware, Fiberglas and taping (as needed), as well as all of the solid wood parts including deck beams, trim and rub rails, etc.

Tools: Basic woodworking tools are usually all that you need. Some that may be helpful include: hot melt glue gun, sanding block and sandpaper, wood file, carpenters level, wire cutters, contact cement. And, you can get all your
tools online now!

Accessories: Hatches and rub rails, rudders and foot braces can be added in some cases. Sails and sailing rig parts, paddles and floatation safety devices, are also available. A complete range of epoxy and Fiberglas as well other boat building materials including brass fittings and screws, washers and so forth are available.

Price Range: The price for a boat kit starts at about $600 and can go over a $1000 plus shipping depending on the type of boat and the options or accessories added. Many boat kits can be shipped UPS in 2 7 days for roughly $50 or $60 dollars.

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