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greenhouse kits and do-it-yourself greenhouses   greenhouse kits and do-it-yourself greenhouses

Greenhouses bring years of gardening delight, relaxation, education and fruitful results! The variety of greenhouse kits available online is nearly equal to the tremendous variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, tropical and exotic plants you can grow in them! KitGuy is proud to offer hundreds of these beautiful, economical and well-designed kits.

Today's greenhouses are extremely well-designed, strong and energy-efficient. As your budget allows, you can add more bays or modules and increase the size, configuration and accessories for your greenhouse.  And you kan get garden carts, soil testers, potting tables and just about any other gardening item your pea-picking heart desires online.

Depending on your available space, the amount of sun and ground moisture, and your growing desires, you can select from a huge variety of greenhouse kit styles: Lean-to, enclosed models that attach easily to fences or walls; Mini-greenhouses or “solar huts” that extend from your windows; Portable units in a wide range of sizes and styles; or Permanent structures that are big enough to walk through, featuring a standard gable roof, curved eave roof or Gothic arch roof, complete with benches and more. Other options include misting systems for greenhouse kits, shade cloth, exhaust fans, solar-powered vent openers, programmable water timers and more!

Today's greenhouses are extremely well-designed, strong and energy-efficient. As your budget allows, you can add more bays or modules and increase the size, configuration and accessories for your greenhouse. So...Let's get growing!

Kompleteness of Kits/Finishing: Most kits include everything you'll need, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Some kits provide color-coded tubing to make assembly quick and easy. Wood frame kits include all of the custom fittings and panels, but you'll need to provide the redwood or cedar lumber.

Tools: Greenhouses are quickly assembled (often within a weekend) using traditional hand and power tools like a Phillips screwdriver, variable-speed drill, utility knife, tape measure and stepladder. Some require PVC glue, a small handsaw and some silicone caulking. You'll need a power source nearby.

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Skill: In most cases, two people can easily assemble a greenhouse in a day or two. Some construction experience would be helpful, but it's certainly not a prerequisite. Sites and foundations require special planning, but most kit manufacturers offer guidelines to help you in these areas.

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