Hovercraft Kits
Ah, the feel of the wind in your face as you swiftly skim over land, water, ice, snow, mud, marsh, sand, gravel, desert, floods and rapids! Huh? You're in a hovercraft, of course! KitGuy brings you a variety of hovercraft kits with powerful options and accessories.

Hovercrafts are gaining in popularity because they're superior to boats in many significant ways. For example, benefits include:

Have less drag and require less horsepower to operate. Are 100% more fuel efficient than boats of similar capacity, size and weight.

Move over the water (land, ice, mud, etc.) not through it on a smooth, air-cushioned ride.
Don't need any special launching ramp - you can launch from virtually anywhere.
Dock anywhere - simply glide up and set it down.

Building your own hovercraft is a rewarding DIY project. It also makes a great school project for teens and college-age students. Kit assembly teaches skills in engineering, blueprint reading, composite construction, physical aerodynamics and teamwork.

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Hovercrafts are licensed like boats, at any local currency exchange or marina. Driving a hovercraft requires some different skills and techniques than traditional boating, and these can be mastered in a relatively short time. Commercial uses for hovercrafts include ice patrol, flood rescue, airport rescue, resort river tours, water taxi service, fishing tours and more.

A hovercraft can accommodate from one to six people, with a payload of up to 1,000 pounds. They range in size from 6' to 18.8' long and from 3' to 7.5' wide. Cruising speeds range from 25 to over 50 miles per hour.

Engine upgrades are available on most models for improved performance and speed.

Kompleteness of Kits: Most hovercraft kits come complete and ready to assemble. You'll need to provide the finishing touches like paint, fiberglass and upholstery.

Tools: You'll need a regular saw, a jigsaw and ordinary household tools. And to do the job right you need all the right tools like Top Selling Tools & Hardware!

Skill: One of the more difficult steps in assembly is constructing the deck and/or hull. This requires cutting out wood and foam, gluing, laminating and some fiberglassing. Kit construction can take anywhere from 40 to 100 hours, depending on your skill. A basic two-person hovercraft should take about 70 hours to build.

Price Range: Hovercraft kits start as low as $600 up to $2,395 for models that carry one or two people. Much larger hovercraft, for transporting five or six people, can cost over $5,000.

Shipping: Your kit will arrive by common carrier, usually within two weeks of your order. Shipping costs range from $150 to $300, depending on the options and accessories you order, as well as your location.




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