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A park bench and picnic table in one what a concept! HOME PRODUCTS N MORE offers a very unique combination park bench and picnic table. With the bench kit you get the plastic support components and all the hardware and you supply the 2 x 4's. The finished size of your park bench can vary somewhat since the kit will accommodate 2 x 4's from 5' to 7' long.

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Two of the completed park benches can be folded out and combined to form a picnic table. Bolts with wing nuts are loosened to slide the back of the bench to form the ½ of each of the picnic table top.

HOME PRODUCTS N MORE has been making this product for over 5 years. The company is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

One park bench kit less wood is $45 including shipping.
Two kits put together form the picnic tables.

Note: Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

Availability: Immediate

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Tools Required: Screwdriver, wrenches, hammer, saw and square
Skills Needed: Basic carpentry skills
Areas of Difficulty: None
Estimated Time: Couple of hours
Finishing Required: Finishing the wood only

Express Shipping:
Weight & Size Factors:
Not applicable
Shipping Point(s):
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Overseas/International Shipping:
Check with kit manufacturer

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa / MasterCard
Personal Checks: Yes
Money Orders: Yes
C.O.D.: No

Check with the kit manufacturer.

Personal Kontact:
Generally available Mon to Fri Central Time email is preferred.
Phone: Regular number listed at website

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