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Detailed Play Systems is the Build@Home playground  equipment kit manufacturer offering two unique and flexible playsets: a 6'x6' fort and a fort / swing set combo. Their kits feature configurations that allow the climbing activities, sliding, and swinging to be separated per ASTM design safety standards. They also offer the option to use “splinter free” wood-polymer for inside the Fort, a material that is sometimes used for more expensive commercial systems.

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Detailed has collaborated with PlaySafe LLC, an independent team of playground safety experts, to create a great line of kits and the Detailed Plans for a multitude of backyard playground configurations where safety concerns are paramount. The basic kit configurations all include the Fort-Swingset and Sandbox, and can be customized to include an Inclined Ladder and/or Gangplank Ramp, with optional Monkey Bar Kit and Rock Wall Kit to add-on.  You can also customize or exchange for any of the play accessories right on their website. 

Detailed points out that “...the design style chosen for all of our play system configurations, and in particular our Swingset A-Frame, is comparable to or surpasses the leading pre-fabricated sets (in quality and strength).  The Swingset installation requires no special brackets or angle cuts, and assembly is simplified since drilling holes for heavy-duty 1/2" bolts is the only skill required.”

Order a free color catalog by mail, or instantly download an electronic catalog and their Lumber Purchase Guide to provide you with the necessary information to get started on your lumber selection and purchase right now!  Their well-organized online product listing makes it easy for you to view and select the kits, configurations and accessories that are right for your kids' needs.

Detailed Play Systems is located in Springfield, New Jersey.

The pictures above are just a sample of the products offered - visit their website to see more products - the link is at the bottom of the page. 

Jungle Fort kits range from about $229 to about $499. Both kits take approximately $350 of treated lumber in standard sizes to complete the kit. Standard shipping for standard kits is approximately $20 UPS.

Note: Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

Availability: Excellent − generally can ship in one to two days

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Tools Required: Power saw, electric drill, socket wrenches, hammer and common household tools
Skills Needed: Measuring, cutting with circular saw and drilling holes.
Areas of Difficulty: Raising certain heavy parts might require two people.
Estimated Time: Several hours/days.
Finishing Required: None − treated wood, vinyl, plastic materials and/or optional wood-polymer construction

UPS for most components, common carrier truck lines for some of the larger parts like full size slides
Express Shipping: Available
Weight & Size Factors: Not applicable
Shipping Point(s): Springfield, New Jersey
Overseas/International Shipping: Check with kit manufacturer

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Personal Checks: Yes
Money Orders: Yes
C.O.D.: No
Financing: Not applicable.

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Check with the kit manufacturer.

Hours of Operation: Variable
Phone: Toll-free number listed online at their website − has a team of live, customer service representatives

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$10 Dollars and 00/00

Note: If you order via the telephone be sure to tell the kit manufacturer that you kame through KitGuy to get your money-saving KitGuy Koupon.  Also, remember in order to receive a koupon from KitGuy, the total amount of your purchase from this kit manufacturer must be $300 or more.

SPECIAL OFFER FROM Detailed Play Systems:

Free shipping on any kit (offer excludes slides) and free plan download with purchase of a kit ($39.95 or $49.95 is rebated after kit purchase).

Website Navigation Tips:
From their Home page klick on the “Quality Project Kits” at the right hand side. This will take you to a mix and match “All-in-1” kit listing and selection guide. Scrolling down on that page will take you to the “Download FREE Project Info!” a starburst klicking on the starburst will take you to links of several types of photographs and information on all of their swing sets and fort systems.


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