Robot Kits

The technology is here! The cost is affordable! Are you ready to become a “roboticist?” Robots have become the latest rage in kit building. And KitGuy has them all! The robots you build from a kit can perform simple functions to very complicated tasks.

The most popular robot kits are designed for educational purposes they're fun and build self-confidence by teaching the basics in mechanics, analog and digital electronics and computer programming. The more advanced robots employ the latest technologies including infrared, alternative energy sources, muscle wire and computerization. A cool line of robotic dogs has been introduced and one of these dog kits has 16 motors. Two-legged walking robots are also available.

People of all ages enjoy building robots and we offer kits for every skill level, from beginner to experienced. Constructed of metal, plastic or rubber, your robot might look like a spider, a pair of arms or a freaky UFO. They come in a variety of configurations: with treads, wheels, legs, remote controls or fully programmable units. Many robots are designed to operate independently using sensor technology and a variety of controls.

Robot kits generally come in one of five configurations:

- Wheeled robots that move using wheels
- Treaded robots that move using tank treads
- Legged robots that move using legs
- Muscle Wire robots that typically have no moving parts, but a wire that uses an electrical impulse to generate motion
- Robotic Arms - robots with arms that rotate up to 5' axis and have the ability to manipulate objects

Most robot kit manufacturers offer components so you can custom build a robot to your specifications, if you want. Gears, motors, transmitters, receivers, power supply kits, tires, batteries, circuit boards, chassis kits and sensors are all available. You'll also find robot magazines, clubs, competitions and on-line discussions with other roboticists. Share your stories; share the fun! Start building your family of robots today!

Kompleteness of Kits: Most robot kits come complete and ready to assemble. Some of the more complicated kits require a PC to do some programming. The manufacturer will tell you whether or not the kit requires programming.

Tools: In most cases, a screwdriver, some “super” adhesive, a hobby knife, needle-nose and regular pliers are all you'll need to assemble your robot. The more advanced robot kits require electrical testing equipment and a soldering iron. And you kan get all your tools online now.

Skill: Robot kits come in all skill categories, from beginner to advanced. Many of the beginner kits require no tools and can simply be snapped together. Most kits take 3-4 hours to complete and require some mechanical or electronic kit assembly experience. Some of the advanced kits require a great deal of skill. It's best to contact the manufacturer regarding skill levels required to complete the more complicated kits.

Price Range: Robot kits start as low as $20 and can range up to several thousand dollars. The price depends on the technology involved and the size of the robot.


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