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Flounder Bay offers several different types of boat kits: canoes, prams, dories, dinghies and wherries. Canoe and pram kits include “Puzzle-boat Kits” that fit together like a puzzle pieces press together and glue with epoxy putty. The pram is 8' long with a 4' beam. The canoe is 13' 3“ with a 32” beam. A sailing package option is available for the pram.

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Because of the puzzle-like configuration of the kit, the canoe, for example, ships in a box that is only about 2 ½' x 4' x 6”. Puzzle boat kits are shipped complete, including parts cut to shape, supplies and most of the tools needed. According to the kit manufacturer, all you supply is a hammer and the final paint.

Flounder Bay Boat Lumber is located in Anacortes, Washington.

OTHER Flounder Bay PRODUCTS: Dory, pram, dinghy, and wherry kits in plywood strip and plank-on-frame construction.

The pictures above are just a sample of the products offered - visit their website to see more products - the link is at the bottom of the page.

Prices range from about $550 to over $2,000 plus shipping and handling at $50 to $60 or so.

Note: Prices are estimates in US Dollars - features, specifications and prices are subject to change - check with kit manufacturer.

Availability: Check with the kit manufacturer

Tools Required: Some kits come complete with all necessary tools. Others require common carpenter tools.
Skills Needed: Mention level wood working and carpenter skills.
Areas of Difficulty: Cutting and fitting wooden pieces and planking.
Estimated Time: Several hour to several days.
Finishing Required: Sanding, planning, staining, painting, rigging and decorating.

A short, step-by-step sample assembly of a "Puzzle -boat kit is shown at their website.
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Carriers: UPS and common carrier truck lines
Express Shipping: Available in some instances.
Weight & Size Factors: Determines best shipping method from UPS to common carrier.
Shipping Point(s): Various. Check with kit manufacturer.
Overseas/International Shipping: Check with kit manufacturer.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Personal Checks: Yes
Money Orders: Yes
C.O.D.: No

Dear Erica & Bob,

I want to compliment you and your staff on the Coisine Wherry design and instructional builders guide. You are to be commended on complete, straight forward, and thorough instructions that were provided in the kit. You were more than correct in describing the wonderful rowing qualities of the wherry. The boat has delightful manners both in flat waters (where she excels) and in the open ocean.

Thank You,
Charles Wood, D.D.S.
Santa Monica, Ca.

Dear Erica,

The Clancy boat I built for my nine year old grand-daughter was completed last fall and launching will be in the spring after she has had some sailing lessons at the Washington Sailing Marina.
The Clancy jig I built has gone up to New London, Conn. with my nephew Eric. His daughters saw my Clancy under construction when they were and they are in hopes that Eric will build one for them.

Donald from
Arlington, Virginia

Personal Kontact: The kit supplier is located on the West Coast in Anacortes, Washington.
Phone: Regular phone number is listed at their website


$20 Dollars and 00/00

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