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Woodworking Projects in Kits
woodworking projects and do-it-yourself kits   woodworking projects and do-it-yourself kits

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The variety of woodworking projects in kit form is almost endless.  Regardless of your level of woodworking skill, there's a kit to challenge you and bring you a great deal of satisfaction. Shown on this page are some of the most popular woodworking projects that you can get through KitGuy.

Furniture kits are available in a countless array, including the fine pieces of The Bartley Collection (top right) to the more mundane chairs, tables, cabinets and stools from Furniture Kits or In The Raw West. Many of these woodworking projects provide finishing options so you can customize your finished work. 


Or choose from the more rustic styles like log furniture kits from Woodshop or a long list of Adirondack furniture kits - chairs, ottomans, swings, arbors and rockers - from great manufacturers like All Things Cedar, Woodshop and Creative Play. Great for cottages, cabins and lake homes, you can save money and have fun building furniture and accessories of your choice.  You can also add pieces as time goes on - use your KitGuy Koupons to save even more!


For a really good kit-building time, there's some exquisite clock kits - just to try your own hands at it. Like the fine-looking grandfather clocks by Emperor and Klockit. Or check out the superb line of clock kits at The Bartley Collection.   These kits also afford suberb finishing possibilities and you can use most any kind of stain and finish to suit your taste.

If your like being on the water or live by a lake, there's some incredible lines of great-looking boat kits just a couple of mouse-clicks away! Boat kits can really showcase your woodworking skills.  Various hardware and rigging options will also add some real polish to your craft!



There's sailboats and rowboats from Uncle John's, Greg Tatman and Flounder Bay - a fine woodworker's dream!


Or canoes and kayaks from Chesapeake Lightcraft and Pygmy - people will marvel at the eloquence of your work!


Wherries from Pygmy Boats and driftboats from Greg Tatman. Some of these specialty kits afford a degree of finishing talent that really enhances your woodworking satisfaction.  Note the sleek lines and interesting finishing used on the samples shown here - this is just a small part of what is awaiting you at the boat kit manufacturer's websites.  You can see for yourself!


And, as if that's not enough, gazebos and garden houses offer some of the most unique, woodworking challenges you can find. Some of the most decorative and beautiful gazebo kits can be found at Summerwood, Old World and Bella Vista.  You will be pleased with the variety and the tremendous amount of detailed assistance these kit manufacturers will give you freely.

For more woodworking projects and hundreds of other great kit-building ideas see the main menu at the KitGuy home page under Kit Kategories.


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